Invisible Friend - Mercy


After spending one and a half years working at a prison for women in Thailand, I was inspired with the Invisible Friend idea.
Every week we visited the female inmates and formed friendships with these women and got to see what their daily life looked like.
As a mother, it deeply touched me to meet and see these infants and children who were behind bars with their mothers.
In various statistics and newspaper articles they are referred to as “ the invisible interns”, mainly because they are invisible for the world outside the prison walls.
One can always find information about women or men who are doing time in prison, but the children of these women are an invisible group. It was the realization of this that stole a piece of my heart.  Ever since we came back to Sweden, I have longed to somehow in some way be able to influence and bring attention to the plight of these children inside bars. I would like for people to become aware that these children actually exist!
When I started to read up on these “invisible children”, I realized that it was not only children of women in prison, but also the child who in one way or another has lost their parents and are forced to grow up in an orphanage.

With this ragdoll product, we want to draw attention to the invisible child’s value, right to be born and exist no matter where they are and allow you to be an “invisible friend” to one of them.

/ Jenny Axene